I’ve been working on getting an issue diagnosed for months and months. The mental health care system isn’t easy to navigate, but this afternoon I finally got a second concurring opinion on what’s going on. The ADHD that was originally diagnosed ten years is confirmed. And my suspicions of a mood disorder are confirmed as well: Bipolar II.

I’ll have to get (yet another) psych eval in order to make medication changes, but that’s not something I’m going to run out and try right away. Mood stabilizers have nasty side effects and I might be able to get by with a few lifestyle changes and therapy. It looks like therapy is going to be a requirement to stay on my current antidepressant Rx, without which I pretty much fall apart. I’m not keen on therapy, but I’m willing to give it (another) try.

This is something I was expecting, but I was hoping to hear a different diagnosis – anything but this. At least now I have some sense of what I’m dealing with, though, and that’s definitely an improvement. It’s right in time, since I have to make career changes pretty soon, and this is going to affect the route I take moving forward.

What a day.