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When I was a teen, I had no problem being on the phone. A lot. With anyone whom I could call a friend. Now? It’s an issue. I procrastinate for weeks on making phone calls for appointments. Phone calls that take literally 75-120 seconds. Really, what’s the big deal?

For awhile I blamed it on being first-line phone response for my jobs for about five years. That really got old. After a few years, though, it would seem like I’d be over that. And I do OK with phone conversations with family, though I’m almost always initially irritated that someone called me when I wasn’t expecting it. I think that has a lot to do with the work that I have to put into paying attention to whatever I’m doing, and interruption makes me irritated, regardless of the type. That’s largely due to ADD.

Besides the interruption factor, I’ve recently learned that a lot of people with ADD also have a hard time on the phone. Following conversation without visual cues just seems to be harder for us. My mind has actually wandered completely off-track during (long) phone-based research interviews! This was really alarming for me, because normally that’s something that I not only enjoy, but I also really need to pay attention and stay engaged in the conversation.