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First off, I must thank Manic Monday for the Versatile Blogger Award nomination. As I mentioned with the Liebster Blog Award, I’m tickled to be recognized this way.

The rules for the VBA state that I should nominate 15 blogs for this award. Quite frankly, I don’t know 15 blogs, and half of the ones I follow have already gotten this award! I actually deleted my feed reader awhile back because I couldn’t keep up and it was making me feel bad.

So I’ll get back to you on those nominations later, when I have some good ones to include. I’ll just never get around to this if I wait to have 15 blogs to nominate. The other half of the VBA rules require me to list seven things about me. This is taking more thinking than it ought; I think I’ve fried my brain with dissertation writing lately…

Seven Things About Me (that I otherwise wouldn’t blog about)

  1. I have been hit by a bus. Really.
  2. I have 8 tattoos. They aren’t normally visible unless I’m wearing a sleeveless top. I got most of them during hypo/manic episodes, but at least my taste in tattoos is getting better as I get older.
  3. Last summer my husband and I completed a 120-mile long-distance hiking trail through the Adirondack Mountains. It was a wonderful experience. Nothing hits my mental reset button like backpacking in the wilderness. I’m really hoping to do a 50-mile circuit around an Adirondack lake this summer.
  4. I once sang bass for Mozart’s Requiem. I couldn’t hit the two lowest notes, but if you’re familiar with the Requiem, the fact that I got that close should have made your eyes pop out of your head. I had a mean head cold at the time and it expanded my vocal register by almost an octave! I haven’t been in a choral group since 2000. I miss it a lot but I don’t foresee being able to fit it back into my life.
  5. I’ve had photos published in the New York Times and several international magazines. I’ve also had work in three juried gallery shows. I love experimenting with unusual, homemade, vintage, and toy cameras. I do my own b/w film development but I don’t have a darkroom or even know how to make prints.
  6. I have been knitting for 25 years. Not every single year, mind you (it was very uncool in middle school) but I’ve been at it since way before it was hip. I have 105 finished items in my Ravelry notebook, and that’s only the stuff I’ve made in the last 10 years. I feel like I still have a lot to learn: I’ve never tried Fair Isle, entrelac, or illusion knitting.
  7. I love to travel. Since 1994, I’ve visited: Russia, England (7 times), France (3 times), Scotland, Ecuador, Sweden, Canada (countless times), Italy (2 times), and I can’t even begin to count how many US destinations. I’ve made over 30 trips in the last two and a half years which have added up to more than 85,000 miles, 250+ days away from home, and 60+ locations in 5 countries (and that’s actually not all of it…) I’ll be adding another 13,000 miles to that total in the next two weeks with back-to-back trips to Seattle and London. My favorite place so far has been Kauai, Hawaii. I didn’t expect to fall in love with paradise, but it’s paradise! The downside of all that travel is that changing time zones often causes hypomanic episodes because of sleep disruption, which is part of how I figured out that I’m bipolar.

So there you go. Versatile? Yes, I think so. 🙂