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Go ahead, Google Titan arum. I’ll wait.

Why not a rose? Because I’m feeling self-effacing today, and I’m really not the rose type anyway. More like a thistle, perhaps. I have a tattoo that incorporates both, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about identity. My nom de plume and blog name have been the same because it was unique enough and appealed to me. It seems a little weird to have others refer to me as Disorderly Chickadee, though – it’s just a bit awkward as names go. The Amazing Tallulah “Lulu” Stark recently renamed herself from Ms LunaSunshine, so I figure it’s legit to modestly modify my online identity and pick a pen name that’s separate from my blog name, while still declining to reveal my secret identity.

I chose the blog name in two parts, with the first (obviously?) because I have more than one disorder to manage. Plus it implies unruly behavior, even though I’m usually fairly restrained. The second part was harder. I am a bit of a birder, to put it lightly, and the common chickadee is one of my favorite bird species. Chickadees have neat, tidy plumage and the uncanny ability to reduce their body temperature in order to tolerate low temperatures. They will make up to 200+ visits to a feeder per day, saving most of those seeds for later, and can remember thousands of seed cache locations. I’m a pretty industrious bird too, always worrying about ensuring a secure future, and can recall thousands of bizarre little details. So it seemed quite fitting.

When it came to picking a new name, the chickadee again came to mind, particularly the chickadee’s vocalizations (after all, this blog is a sort of vocalization, is it not?) The chickadee’s common name is actually a mnemonic: chick-a-dee-dee-dee. If you listen to chickadees calling, they number of times they repeat the dee part is variable. The more they repeat it, the more alarmed they are.

Being disorderly is a bit alarming, but 23 repetitions of “dee” would be a bit much, don’t you think? So just call me DeeDee.