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Thanks to The Mirth of Despair, I’ve been re-awarded the Liebster Blog Award.

And then to my great surprise, clownonfire nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thanks for that sarcasm-free vote of approval; I don’t think of myself as fighting the good fight, but now that you mention it…

While some of these blog awards are a bit like chain letters, they serve a useful purpose by spreading awareness of great blogs. But with all those serious awards to offset, I also decided to greedily and self-effacingly snatch up the Alan Smithee Blog Award as well. (I even know “who” Alan Smithee is!)

With all this awardly goodness, I decided an Awards page was in order. A little ego-feeding is (occasionally) good for me. It also warns would-be nominators that I’ve received these awards before, in case they have some other worthy candidates deserving of recognition.

The rules of accepting most of these awards include revealing some bits about oneself and nominating other bloggers. I did a long “about me” on the Versatile Blogger Award post, so I’m going to do a quicker 7-item list for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

  1. I have worked every job in a typical restaurant setting except general manager: host, runner, expediter, line cook, prep cook, contract cleaning, dish tank, server, bartender, assistant manager.
  2. I was a nude model for life drawing courses in undergrad. According to the professor, I have a great sense of myself in space.
  3. I have studied Latin, Russian, Spanish, and French. And English, but that doesn’t really count.
  4. This is my fourth blog, following two prior utter failures and one relatively inactive public true identity blog. I think I got it right this time.
  5. I am addicted to gummy bears. My favorites are the 12-color ones but when resorting to the usual 5-color assortment, I eat them in this order: white, green, red, orange, yellow. Because I do.
  6. I crave Diet Vernors but detest most other carbonated beverages. I have friends import it from the Midwest for me.
  7. I have observed and identified over 290 species of birds, but there are still plenty to see: about 925 bird species in the US and Canada, and over 10,000 species worldwide.

When I made the Versatile Blogger Award post, I was too tired and busy and not adequately knowledgeable about the contents of the blogosphere to make any nominations. And now I have the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to nominate people for! Since then, a lot of other blogs have come to my attention – enough to merit a Links page as well! That sidebar blogroll was getting unsightly long.

So I’m making up for it now. No, there aren’t the specified number of blogs here, but I’m wont to flaunt the rules. Below are my newest nominations for the various blog awards, in no particular order. There is some rationale to the awards I’ve nominated below, including whether I could figure out if the nominee had already accepted said awards, but if they have, they’re welcome to choose from the others. 🙂

  1. acarerseyes by Sarah – A view from the other side for us mentalists. Sarah takes brilliant care of her family through thick and thin, and I applaud her commitment. Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  2. Mathematically Insane – From a former math student to a current one, keep rockin’ the language of the universe! Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  3. Laments and Lullabies by Sara – Includes awesome cartoons! I love them. Especially the pill bottle warning. Nominated: Versatile Blogger Award
  4. The Agoraphobic Blog – I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be agoraphobic because I so love the outdoors. I hope this blogger can someday enjoy it as much as I do. Nominated: Versatile Blogger Award
  5. prozacinmycornflakes – Another brilliantly honest, well-written blog; also inspired an upcoming post on diagnostic codes. Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  6. Bipolar, My Recovery – Focused on getting better, which is an outlook that I’ve yet to adopt. Nominated: Versatile Blogger Award
  7. A Somewhat Different Mind by Pompeii – New to the blogosphere and well-written. Also the inspiration for my popular posts on mood charting! Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  8. James Claims by James – Good writing, good reading, interesting philosophizing on occasion, and part of the inspiration for my popular mood chart posts. Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  9. bi[polar] curious by Sarah Sullivan – Excellent writing and research, insightful posts, and a regular inspiration for some of my posts as well. Nominated: Very Inspiring Blogger Award