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I mentioned in a previous post that I have a love affair with gummy bears. The 12-color variety are simply superior to the original 5-color assortment (sorry, Haribo!) I’m seriously considering including gummy bears in my dissertation acknowledgements.

A fellow gummy afficionado had never heard of these marvelous gummies, so I shall enlighten everyone in the ways of the 12-color gummy bears. They all have A’s on their bellies. I assume the A stands for Awesome!

12 colors of gummy goodness!

12-Color Gummy Bear Flavor Guide

  • Red: cherry
  • Light red: strawberry
  • Pink: grapefruit
  • White: pineapple
  • Purple: Concord grape
  • Blue: raspberry
  • Light blue: watermelon
  • Green: Granny Smith apple
  • Light green: lime
  • Light yellow: banana
  • Yellow: lemon
  • Orange: orange

While I previously claimed that I eat them in no particular order, that’s not 100% true. I eat all the white and pale yellow ones first because I don’t particularly like those flavors. Then I move on to the red and purple ones which I don’t like quite as much as the others, although I’ll note that for cherry and grape flavored candies (some of which give me a headache from the cheapo flavorings), they’re pretty darn tasty. After that, it’s a free for all!

A note on gummy bear selection etiquette: 12-color (and ordinary) gummy bears are usually available in bulk foods bins at the grocery. It is rude to discriminate against your least favorite flavors by picking through the bin in anything other than the most rudimentary fashion, e.g., what the scoop readily permits. Also, if you pick through the colors, you will almost surely look like a blatantly crazy person to everyone else in the bulk food aisle.