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There are a bunch of bloggy memes that are the digital equivalent of chain letters. Sometimes they seem like fun, so maybe I’ll play along. Sometimes I’m too busy, the task is not appealing, etc. In general, I don’t like the “tag someone else with this thingy” part of it, so I probably won’t do that very often. But I’ve got two of these memey dealies piled up now, I’m in a lighthearted mood, and I think I deserve a gimme for a day.

Also, before digging into that… I’m pretty sure I’m getting manic. I’m having a hard time falling asleep by midnight, so I’m taking melatonin, but I’m also waking up early (before 5:30) and basically not getting enough sleep to stay stable. My mood has been steadily climbing for the last couple of weeks. I think it’s more than just being happy to have my dissertation manuscript submitted. I’m not really complaining, but a little worried it’ll get out of hand. Since I’m between psychs at the moment, I’m sort of at a loss for how to manage this…

Playing Tag

Ruby Tuesday tagged me for the Playing Tag meme. I’m not going to tag anyone else, but here are the answers to her questions…

1. How long is your spine?
Approximately 28″.

2. What is one quality that really stands out to your as wonderful in the majority of humanity?
The potential for compassion.

3. What was the name of your very first pet?
The first family pet I remember was Oscar the boxer. My first pet of my very own was Skeep, a white mouse.

4. What does the phrase ‘Carpe diem’ mean to you, personally?
Utter cliché. But as the sentiment goes, I prefer “Carpe vitam.” I can’t always seize the day, for a lot of reasons, although I try my best every day. But so many people fail to seize life, which is much more important.

5. How do you feel about wearing socks?
Have you ever tried hiking 17 miles a day without socks? How about commuting on foot through a winter with up to 200″ of snow? Socks are practical. I even make them. I also stop wearing them as soon as feasible when the weather warms up.

6. If you could only pick one, would you eat the frosting, the cake, or the ice cream?
Screw frosting – but it depends on who made the cake and the ice cream. If I did, it’s a tie. If they were commercially prepared, then the ice cream.

7. Have you ever read Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, and if you have, what did you think of it?
Nope. Reading is not much fun for me anymore and hasn’t been for about 16 years. Sad but true. I hope someday that changes.

8. What is your very favorite movie ever?

9. How long is your hair?
Yesterday morning it was 13.5″ from the base of my skull. Now? Not so much!

Long in the morning, short in the evening. Sassy new bob!

10. If you could choose one thing to totally change in the behavior of individuals so that we could function better as a world, what would it be?
Shift everyone’s perspective from short-term egocentric to long-term holistic. If we all thought through the consequences of our actions a little more often, we’d be a lot better off.

11. What is your favorite quotation?
I really don’t do quotations. But the one that popped into mind at the moment was… “After all, tomorrow is another day.” -Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

Passing Notes

Manic Monday tagged me for the “passing notes” meme. I was never a note-passer in school. I was a good kid but had few friends with whom to pass notes in the first place. Basically, I was a little smartypants and that didn’t sit well with others, but fortunately it’s a different story these days.

So here are the rules of this game… Write out the following on a sheet of notebook paper:

Yeah, I actually write in cursive.

  1. Your name (Pseudonym.)
  2. Your blog’s URL
  3. The classic, very useful sentence:  The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.
  4. Your favorite quote
    About mental illness. I don’t collect quotes.
  5. Your favorite song (at the moment)
    I love this for my wake-up alarm.
  6. Your favorite band/musician/singer
    Long-standing favorite.
  7. Write anything that you want
    My style of living!
  8. Post a picture of your note.