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This is it. Today’s the day I become Dr. Chickadee.

Remix of Nearly there by edmittance, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

It’s terrifying, exciting, and anxiety-inducing. I can’t wait to have it over with, but I’m looking forward to the process too. The moment when my Advisor shakes my hand and calls me Dr. Chickadee for the first time – I’ve been waiting for it for years. I even know what his congratulatory gift will be; I’ve seen his other students receive them in the past. I’m ready to have mine.

It will be a full day of events. I’m going to wrestle with medical records in the morning, because mundane details still need my attention. Mr. Chickadee will get out of work at noon so he can be there to cheer me on. The defense is at 12:30, followed by a reception, a talk by my external reader, and finally dinner at a fine French restaurant. And then I will go home and collapse.

I’ve been working on my 20-minute defense presentation for over a week, and made several practice presentations with audiences. The slides have fancy builds to show the evolution of the theoretical framework and highlight concepts I’m discussing. It’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself. I met with four of my committee members over the last week to discuss any burning issues, and I’ve mostly gotten over being freaked out by their comments.

I bought a new dress, stockings, and camisole so I can look as nice as possible despite my extremely limited jeans-and-Tshirts wardrobe. The dress has a black wrap top with 3/4 sleeves, a black empire waistband, and a skirt with an A-line cut in multilayered sheer material with white polka dots on black. I’m planning to wear my fabulous red shoes, Tiffany key, stainless steel chainmail bracelet, and drop-style faceted jet earrings to complete the ensemble.

I’m not going to be any more ready than this. Bring it on!