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I have two business trips coming up in the next two weeks and I’m plumb out of queued up posts, so it’s going to be a little quiet around this bird’s nest. I’ll post a bit as time allows or ideas surface, but I make no guarantees.

This week I’ll be in sunny California. I’m not taking my light box because the weather is supposed to be so fine that all the sunshine, combined with a 3-hour time zone shift, will probably make me hypomanic. I’m looking forward to the warm temperatures and the sandy beach two blocks from my hotel room, even though I’ll be inside working most of the time.

Next week I’ll be in Washington DC for a few days. I’m serving on an advisory committee for a new project at the Smithsonian, which should be really interesting. Since this trip is specifically to work with the Smithsonian, that means I’ll get to see some new museums and hang around the National Mall. That should be fun – I’m packing my Passport to Your National Parks to collect stamps for the monuments I haven’t visited before. Not that I’ll get much down time to visit anything, but I might as well be prepared in case opportunity presents itself.

I have a little more travel in my future plans. Well, little compared to my itinerary last year, anyway. I’m going to have to visit the Southwest once my postdoc starts for “indoctrination”, according to my supervisor. I’ll be an invited speaker at a conference in Portland, OR in August, and I’m really looking forward to that one. In September, I’ll have to attend another working meeting, location TBA.

I need more of this.

That’s all business travel, but I do have a personal trip in the works as well. I’m planning to spend a week hiking a 50-mile trail around a lake in the Adirondacks sometime in late May. I recently bought a food dehydrator (on impulse, but I’d been thinking about it for over a year) so I can make homemade dehydrated meals for the trail. The dehydrator will pay for itself with just 14 days of backpacking, so it’s a totally rational purchase. Really. I whipped up lunches for three days on Friday afternoon, and they’re already dried up and stashed away: hummus, chili-bean spread, and peanut-butter-garbanzo spread. So delicious!

I had been hoping to do the hiking trip after graduation, but it’s now looking like that’s just going to be a break from dissertation manuscript revisions. Some of the tasks to complete are pretty substantial, so I don’t think I can finish it up before June. So it goes. At least I won’t have to travel far for commencement next year.