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It’s been a lovely meeting in a lovely town. Well, until I got food poisoning last night. I was getting worried about being able to take my meds this morning, but my system settled down enough to handle liquids and even a few solids by the breakfast hour.

I slept very poorly last night because in between the stabbing stomach pains, I was up every 45 minutes puking (followed by diarrhea), and at the same time having these wild stress dreams about finishing my dissertation revisions. There’s increasing pressure to get them done ASAP because I’ve been nominated for a university-wide award. Providing I have everything turned in by this time next week, of course. No pressure.

Naturally, I was not in particularly good shape today. I’ve managed to do reasonably well with sleep, aside from last night’s disturbed sleep. But now I’m utterly exhausted and more than ready to go home. I haven’t been able to keep in good contact with Mr. Chickadee because our phones keep failing to ring through (damn you, AT&T!) which means we keep playing phone tag – plus the 3-hour time difference, of course. In any case, there’s not much to say: it was a day, I miss you, I love you, I can’t get home soon enough.

Dinner destination

This evening I’m going to walk down to the pier, look at some birds, and try to eat a little dinner. When I get back, I’ll pack my bags and have everything at the ready for the journey home.

Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary, and I’m spending it on planes. But at least we’ll have our late-night after-flight dinner and get to snuggle up in our cozy nest together. There’s nothing in the world that sounds sweeter.