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I met with my advisor yesterday afternoon. We went over my revisions, one by one. There were three items that I needed to tweak, but he signed off on it and I took the paperwork over to the graduate school office. They promptly handed me my invitation to commencement and the doctoral hooding ceremony. I RSVP’d on the spot.

I went home walking on clouds and made those last couple of edits. I uploaded my final dissertation document to the online system. I completed the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

I’m done. I’m finally really and truly finished.

Of course, there’s more to do. I need to send soft copies to a lot of people. I need to get hard copies made for some really special people. I need to follow up with the graduate school and get them to send documents to my postdoc institution so they can hire me. I need to actually go to convocation, the hooding ceremony, and commencement. But the hard part is done.

It’s official – I’m now Dr. Chickadee for real!