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Although most people go for crisply focused (digital) images, I have a penchant for film cameras, particularly vintage, lomo, plastic, and toy cameras. They have unique character; each produces images with a distinctive look and feel. Many offer soft focus or vignetted edges, so finding a shot in my collection that fit the Weekly Photo Challenge theme of “unfocused” was very easy.

Dam at Fillmore Glen State Park in Central New York.

This shot was taken with a Holga 120 using 35mm film to produce the long full-frame image that includes sprockets. The light leaks are a result of inadequate shielding of the red window, which is typical of plastic 120 cameras. The light leak properties of these cameras is often one considered of their desirable “features”, but some photographers studiously mask all potential sources of light leaks. Daylight processing at home, negatives scanned with a Canon CanoScan 8400F.