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I was completely clean and sober for a little over 3 months. It wasn’t bad at all, but I didn’t stick with it. I basically only drink socially these days. On the very rare occasion that I open a bottle of wine at home for personal consumption, it’s usually just one glass per evening.

Still Drinking! Thanks – a napkin note to protect a fresh cup of coffee from overly attentive staff.

But I do still drink, and social drinking has been in season recently with graduation and various other celebratory events. I also decided that the causes for celebration were such that I could permit myself a bit of cannabis on occasion.

This is how I came to realize that I simply can’t handle intoxicants, either singly or in combination, the way I once did back when I relied upon them to keep me from flipping out (i.e., self-medicating.) My tolerance is now way, way down, especially for cannabis.

I can usually manage just fine even after the equivalent of a bottle of wine, providing it was consumed over an entire evening rather than in a sitting. Until a little pot gets thrown into the mix. Or too much nicotine with pot. Or too much pot. At that point, my brain shuts down. I become one with the couch. I can’t even muster the will to knit. And the next morning, I’m groggy and it’s very hard to get up. I forgot how bad the pot hangover really was!

Not to mention the ill effects of mixing intoxicants on my stomach. Under normal circumstances, I rarely throw up, but in the last month I’ve lost my dinner a few times – twice from mixing alcohol with cannabis. After the second time I told Mr. Chickadee that I’m not to be permitted to mix drinking and pot. It’s clearly a very bad idea. The alcohol impairs my judgment regarding how much pot I can handle, and pretty soon I’ve emptied my stomach quite abruptly. The other time I just lost my cookies after having too much pot, and subsequently required a good hour’s nap before I could even function enough to watch TV.

Now that obviously wasn’t fun nor very smart at all. And yet, I keep drinking. I keep smoking pot. It is just enough pleasure in the moment to outweigh good sense. But I do want to keep a lid on it, so at least now I’m strictly avoiding mixing intoxicants, and I’m smoking only a very small amount of pot at any sitting. Two lungfulls and I’m done. Any more than that and I become nonfunctional. Add in a cigarette or two and the world starts spinning; nausea ensues. These things must be carefully managed.

I don’t attribute all of this to medication interactions, although some degree of interaction is certainly possible. I took all of the same meds while smoking a lot of pot and drinking every day with no noticeable impact from the combination of chemicals. The difference is that after cleaning out my system, it doesn’t take much for me to get wasted. I’m trying to keep things well enough in check to keep it that way.