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Here’s just the thing to start off the work week: the sort of perspective that I think more people need to see, across communities. I think it’s also good for countering stigma when the issues of managing symptoms and employment are presented this way, and this particular little article is from a venue my readers would probably never encounter.

But one thing is common among people with bipolar disorder. “You can’t cram a bipolar person into a box,” Wootton says, “because they don’t fit.”

Understanding Employees with Bipolar Disorder” is written for an employment law website. The piece focuses on the benefits of retaining bipolar employees whenever possible, the need for accommodations, and the legal aspects attached to it. I’m slightly mystified by the characterization of bipolar as being disruptive, but I guess from a corporate HR perspective, anyone who is not a sheep is disruptive. The article quotes heavily from Tom Wootton, author of “The Bipolar Advantage,” which wouldn’t be my idea of a great source, but it does emphasize the positives of keeping divergent thinkers around.