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It didn’t take long for me to locate a decent shot for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Close. There are a couple ways to frame this photo for the theme.

Just a little over a quarter of the way there – only 18 more miles to the halfway point.

First, the trail distances are an obvious literal interpretation. How far from here to there? This trail junction is literally in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks, but closeness is relative. Piseco and Blue Mt. Lake are the only two road crossings for this entire 55-mile section of trail. The meaning of “close” is relative: what’s close by in a car is far away on foot.

There are less obvious ties to the theme as well. I spent a week on this trail with my husband – close to one another pretty much all day, every day. And this place in the woods is close to where I live, again in relative terms. For a city dweller, having wilderness within a morning’s drive is really pretty close.

A final reason to select this image: I love the font in the bottom sign! I saw at least 5 different fonts used on trail signs for this long, long trail. I saw each one indicating a different generation of NYSDEC sign makers, but the big round O’s make me happy.