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It was hard to pick a subject for the Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Create. I do lots of creative stuff – when I’m up to it, i.e., not right now. That’s just the way it is; sometimes up, sometimes down.

Knitting, photography, tinkering, and making all manner of things. But I post a lot of the stuff I make in my public Flickr photostream, give it as gifts, show it off on Ravelry, list it on Etsy, etc. So I can’t really show that stuff off and remain anonymous, can I?

Here’s a little something I created in a hypomanic frenzy last summer – pickled hot pepper mix. Easy, tasty, a good gift, and a damn sight better than the stuff in the grocery store. Interestingly, in this case, creation is also preservation. Maybe I’m archiving hot peppers?

Home-canned hot peppers with 7 varieties of local, organic spicy peppers.