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We’re starting to wrap up the Distress Tolerance module, with the last bit coming next week, some new stuff they haven’t done with the regular groups before as it’s usually reserved for teens. That will be followed by a return to Core Mindfulness and the introduction of new group members during the first week of July. I will be glad not to be the new(est) person anymore.

I tried really hard not to doodle in group. It made me cranky.

I had brought my knitting as I was trying to finish a gift to be presented at the end of the week (no, it’s not going to be done in time.) At the start of the session, I asked if it would be OK to knit – it’s less distracting to others than me doodling – but the co-leader said that they’d rather I didn’t as it undermines mindfulness. Maybe. So does incessant fidgeting, wiggling, and trying to cope with inattention. But whatever. I tried not to doodle too, since that seemed to be implied. It made the whole session rather unpleasant for me on a day that was already going poorly.

So this/last week we went over acceptance skills again. I shared a little about frustration with the “turning the mind” bit where you have to commit over and over to acceptance. When is the acceptance process actually complete? Probably never, it seems. And then we went over willingness and willfulness again. Our homework for this week is to note which skills we used on what days to reinforce practicing them. I haven’t been keeping up with the homework, but hopefully I can remember well enough to fill in the worksheet.