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A very nice discussion of alcohol + psych meds. The more meds I have in the mix, the more cautious I am about adding in alcohol.

bi[polar] curious

For anyone who has ever googled something like, “will combining lithium and alcohol kill me?” -we know drinking alcohol while taking psychiatric drugs isn’t reccomended, but is it “safe”?

I realize this is a bit of an odd topic, but it is something I’ve never seen anyone else talk about. I know plenty of people who drink alcohol while taking psychiatric medications for various mental illnesses, and even though doctors always seem to say that we shouldn’t combine these things, they never seem to say outright (at least to me) that we can’t.

Before I dive into this, I know that there are plenty of reasons not to combine alcohol and mental disorders (let alone the medications prescribed for them). I know that for me, alcohol has triggered depression on and off -which (surprise) never quite helps make one the life of the party. Folks with mental illness are also…

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