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In which we double the group size and return to the beginning…

Sounds more dramatic and exciting than it was. There were 5 new people, including a guy (!). One woman is the most cringing, whinging, approval-seeking, overdramatic shrinking violet you ever saw. Another seemed ready to cry at any moment and I think she popped a benzo halfway through the session.

Catty, yes. I shouldn’t be so judgmental of people I’ve barely met. It was just weird to have new people added into the group.

So we started off with a mindfulness focus on candy, with about 5 minutes spent explaining the purpose of it to the newbies. And then it was back to the rational-mind-wise-mind-emotional-mind Venn diagram – back to the beginning (see DBT Week 1). Not that it’s a bad idea for me to put in some time on mindfulness, but I’m extremely impatient with repeating material, especially since I found it slow the first time.

I didn’t doodle this week either. Another little exercise in self-control. Well, I did doodle on the Venn diagram. I drew stems on the big circles as though they were flowers. So obviously the very cool version of the Wise Mind diagram below was not created by me.

States of Mind by Dandelion Girl, www.thedandeliongirl.com/wise-mind. Go there for more awesome!