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When I read this week’s photo challenge theme, movement, I thought, “I have nothing that works for this.”

Wrong. I have about a million photos of moving water – lakes, seashores, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, raindrops, etc. I have photos of the bat colony emerging from beneath the Congress Bridge in Austin, TX; I have photos of fish zooming about in aquariums; I have photos of luau fire dancers; and I have photos of kids playing that I’d never post here. All clear examples of movement.

Mr. Chickadee tends the campfire in front of an Adirondack lean-to.

What I wanted, however, was a shot that had both stillness and movement; movement is hard to appreciate without stillness, particularly in photos. And even with the obvious fire-poking movement going on in the photo, there’s no stillness like twilight on an Adirondack lake.