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I’ve been less than thrilled with my hair and it was time for a trim, so I wanted a new cut. Something cool, edgy, fun, but not too far out there. But what to do?

My instinct was to take the clippers to my head and just peel it all off. Or scissors. Whatever. But once I started thinking about what to do with my hair, I was fixated on it as though in some sort of hypomanic fervor, even though I’m really not hypomanic. I wanted something wild and unexpected, something very different from my current look.

Trying not to be too impulsive about it, I polled friends for suggestions on Twitter. They came back with: CLIPPERS!!!, Sinead O’Connor, Dorothy Hamill, and chin-length with layers. Hmmm. Not so helpful.

Pixie cut with side bangs. Photo from hairstylestars.com.

After much deliberation, I found three photos online with progressively more extreme versions of the same style. I went for the one in the middle – a little more spunky than the usual professional style but a little less than punk. I took a photo in to the girl and explained that I wanted a severe angle, and to keep as much length as possible in the front – no bangs, just a sweeping forelock. She did a good job of it and I’m pleased with the results.

The final product is basically a pixie cut but with very long asymmetrical bangs down to my chin. And you even get to see a bit of my face in this photo – how’s that for feeling a bit bold today?

Short hair gets shorter in an asymmetrical pixie cut with long bangs.