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This week’s photo challenge focuses on the color purple. This is my first shot at a color-themed challenge, and not too difficult to find candidates within my photo collection. Most of those shots were flowers – lilacs, lavender, heather, etc. Pretty, but dull. Everyone is going to do shots of flowers, right?

Then I came across a photo from a trip to Ouessant Island, the most westerly part of France, marking the southern border. It actually has three name: Ushant (English), Ouessant (French), and Enez Eusa (Breton).

I stayed at a little inn called “Ti Jan Ar C’hafé,” and since that name is in Breton, I have no translation. My room was the “Hydrangea Room” – apropos because hydrangeas are a common plant in Brittany, typically in vibrant blue, pink, and purple. Nearly everything in the room was purple.

The amount of purple in this room was almost overwhelming!