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This one’s for you, gentle readers. I finally tripped the WordPress notification system for 100 followers and 1000 likes!

Big and sincere thanks to all of you for taking the time to pay attention, follow, and like the stuff I write here. That’s pretty awesome. It makes me feel good, and the positive reinforcement keeps me at it. Just like Pavlov’s dogs. Except moodier and with opposable thumbs.

But not everything is honey and roses in blog-land. No, kids, there are nasty cowardly little trolls out there. I got my first genuine troll comment recently…

Are you suffering paranoia too? Shut the fuck up! What a dumb ass blog!

Really? That’s the best you can do, you little pantywaist bully? You’ve wasted your worthless words on someone who is happy to direct her venom in your direction. All I gotta say is, one insolent nancy boy vs. my 100 awesome followers? No contest.

Le Clown alone could lay waste to such an inadequate maggot with a mere flick of his gloved finger. Ruby could crush this twit with her awesome boots. Sara could draw a hilarious yet pointedly vicious cartoon that would deflate any douchebag. Lulu and Angel could write a ferocious and yet utterly soul-rending novella about the inevitably miserable end of bullying boors. And on and on – those not mentioned above most certainly have their own troll-stomping superpowers; I just ran out of clever ways to say “trolls are assholes.”

There’s no “so long” coming from me, but thanks for all the fish nonetheless.