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I’m tickled to announce that I’ve talked my incredibly intelligent, handsome, literate, literary, and ever cynical spouse into guest blogging! One of these days he will make a post. I’ve even found and cropped up a nice little chickadee avatar for him. 🙂

Isn’t he cute?

I adore this man and I’m looking forward to showing him off to my fine readers. What better way than through his own words? I shall, of course, introduce him with my own, because he’d be completely self-effacing.

Mr. Chickadee has Philosophy & English BAs, an MA in English Language & Literature, and an MLIS (Master of Library & Information Science). He has a book review blog and his own publishing company, making limited-run handcrafted books which include some of his own authorship. I think you’ll all agree that Mr. Chickadee is handsomely overqualified to be a guest blogger. He’d also note that he’s overqualified for every job he’s ever had, mind you. No false humility here!

I like to call Mr. Chickadee my “bitter half” because he’s got a sort of half-hearted curmudgeonliness about him that I find terribly endearing for some unfathomable reason. He loves dogs, being outdoors, good food, good films, good books, and me. He’s an introvert and doesn’t like being in crowds, but he knows more about baseball and baseball history than anyone else I’ve ever met and can drop literary references right and left. He is tall and skinny and has beautiful deep orangey red (and, um, white) hair and laughing eyes.

I knew he was the one from the day we first conversed. I’m glad he’ll share his words with you too.