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A playground I remember through a mirror dimly…

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by DeeDee, a woman in her mid-thirties from upstate New York who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. As is often the case with bipolar, her life has many ups and downs and can feel like a daily roller coaster. She enjoys photography, especially experimenting with different cameras and film.

About this photo: “Even after 5 years, at times I still pine for my former home, 500 miles away. Even the park where we used to take the dog to play is laden with memories and emotion. On a good day, I remember it fondly with smiles – the sunny days full of laughter, wildflowers growing behind the backstop for the baseball diamond, wild raspberries that stained our fingers. On a bad day, I remember gray skies and slushy snow, slipping on the overgrown stairs down from the big hill, the emptiness of the playing field…

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