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Mr. Chickadee has already pretty much quit smoking. Let’s hear a “hip hip hurray” for Mr. Chickadee!

Sunset view from a hotel window in the enchanting state of New Mexico.

Me, on the other hand… Well, it’s been a stressful month. With all the travel, I decided it would be for the best for me to cut back slowly and then give it all up. I started with cutting back on my menthol lights, and then switched to half-cigarettes most of the time. I still like the menthol lights, though, so I was a bit prone to overindulgence on occasion.

So I switched to ultralights last week, and was only smoking half-cigarettes most of the time then too – while traveling, I might add. The amazing part is that it was all I wanted – good enough, no more needed. Still an attempt at reducing anxiety, most of the time, so the occasional (OK, pretty much daily) Ativan I was taking last week when I was getting a bit agitated during overstimulating days probably helped reduce usage as well.

I accidentally picked up a pack of lights, and now I’m smoking less than half at a go and I’m down to something like 3 cigarettes a day. That’s pretty awesome, I have to say. I’m pleased with my progress, and I figure by the end of the month I should be able to kick it entirely. Here’s hoping, anyway.