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After three glorious weeks off from DBT, it was time to go back. Back to Core Mindfulness again, with two new people in the group.

So yet again, we discussed the “what” skills – observe, describe, participate – and then the “how” skills, non-judgmentally, one-mindfully, and effectively.

I almost fell asleep – no exaggeration. Maybe it was the Ativan I took right before group. Maybe I was just plain tired.

There’s not much else to say about it right now. People keep asking for an assessment of whether it’s working, and I’m really not sure. I can say that I try to use the mindfulness and distress tolerance skills when I realize I need them. The hard part is figuring out when those times are.

I’m hoping for more value out of the emotion regulation module. I figure after that, I might make it through one more time through the distress tolerance module and I’m done. And I might just call it good once emotion regulation is finished. We’ll see.