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Grant me the serenity to tolerate stuff that continually pushes my buttons…

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Leonard James Matthews, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Another week focused on mindfulness, specifically “one-mindfulness”, which as I’ve posted several times now, means really just doing one thing at a time. One mindfulness is neither multitasking nor mindless.

OK, so you get the picture. If you’ve been following this series, you’ve heard all that before. If not, well, I’m not reiterating it yet again. It’s making me very cranky to do this stuff over and over.

My homework was an analysis of judging, and the statement I used is, “Florida is a horrible godforsaken state.” The analysis of the judgment was easy; I know the fallacies in my thinking about the topic. It doesn’t make me any less judgmental about Florida, mind you, but thinking analytically about why I feel that way does make me better and resigning myself to things I can’t change and occasionally have to tolerate, like it or not.

Next week’s homework is (again) doing something one-mindfully. I couldn’t come up with something to do, so the group co-leader suggested cooking. I said sure, utterly disinterested in doing this (yet again), but at some point I’ll try. I wanted to use the example I had for last week – which I thought was where the group was at – of floating in the hotel pool very peacefully. But no, I have to come up with something this week. Que sera, sera — n’est-ce pas?