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There were sooooo many options for this week’s photo challenge, foreign. I travel a lot, so I have many images that fulfill the literal interpretation of the theme. Although more metaphorical, less obvious interpretations would be mighty clever, that’s just beyond me today. Another time, folks.

This bold bird was minding his own business on a pedestrian bridge over the Thames. I really like all the lines in the background, the shadows of the bird and bystander, and the quality of the light.

But wait, this is actually foreign in more than one sense! I took the photo in London, UK, during a business trip in February 2012 – a foreign country for me. And although we (nominally) speak the same language, British culture is quite foreign in many ways, even for a well-traveled American.

As well, this little bird was unknown to me and is still unidentified, though I suspect it’s some kind of wagtail. Definitely not a chickadee, in any case (the most closely related European birds are tits. Yes, tits. Seriously.)

One of the things that tells me I’m in a foreign land is seeing flora and fauna that are completely new to me. It provokes my curiosity and evokes a sense of wonder at the splendor that is biodiversity. <insert inspirational environmental stewardship message here> Life is a beautiful thing, yo.