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The dental implant has barely had enough time to settle, but the procedure last week went very well and was surprisingly easy. What I had forgotten about IV sedation is that it’s sedation, not unconsciousness. So I got to experience the drilling and screwing in of hardware again – but I didn’t care at all. No pain, nitrous, and profoundly relaxing drugs through a tube into my arm. Easy.

Check out my sexy stainless steel stud!

The procedure took under an hour, they didn’t have to disrupt my gums (much), and I took the hydrocodone for only the first day, with a little follow-up ibuprofen for the next two days. It’s much less painful than I had remembered/expected, but all the oral surgeries blend together in my memory now and some of them were pretty horrific. They promised that the IV sedation would leave me with memory gaps for the day, but I find it’s no more so than usual (my memory’s already Swiss cheese) and I can still recall pretty much everything, including being very entertained by the tiny ratchet they used during the procedure. Imagine that for a moment – a tiny leprechaun-sized ratchet just for stainless steel dental studs. It was pretty funny under the influence of nitrous, anyway.

At the moment, the edges of my gums are a tiny bit seepy but it’s barely even noticeable. A rough flossing would cause more bleeding and discomfort! I will have to use a chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash twice a day for about a month, and I hate that stuff. It reduces dental plaque and bacteria, plus it supports healing and regeneration of oral tissues, so it helps my mouth recover faster. However, chlorhexidine also increases staining on teeth and has a nasty medicinal taste, with the worst part being the morning medicine-mouth after the bedtime rinse. And I just realized I forgot to use it this morning. Oops…