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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by DeeDee, a woman in her mid-thirties from upstate New York who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. As is often the case with bipolar, her life has many ups and downs and can feel like a daily roller coaster. She enjoys photography, especially experimenting with different cameras and film.

About this photo: “My teen brother was killed the day after Thanksgiving, over a decade ago. It was a tragic experience that left my whole family broken for many years. But I now remember my brother more than the strife caused by his death. He was a dreamer and a jokester, compassionate beyond his years, and a fine soul. The last few photos I took of him have a soft grainy quality, as though he was already fading away. 

When I saw this ghostly figure of a boy fishing from the top of a riverboat, for a split…

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