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Random floral arrangement at the NY State Fair. My Debonair has a light leak. Obviously.

Random floral arrangement at the NY State Fair. My Debonair has a light leak. Obviously.

I’ve not been able to keep up my usual queue of posts recently due to travel, med changes, and trying to catch up at work from a low period. I have 14 drafts in the hopper and lots of good stuff coming your way, when I get to it.

In the meantime, here’s a general update on the state of things. Overall I’m doing much better now that I’ve escaped the annual October/November Slump. Don’t worry, the drama of human misery will probably return in February…

More meds changes…

  • I had genetic testing for medication sensitivity, and it was very enlightening. I can now make more informed decisions about what to take with a much lower likelihood of bad reactions both from the wrong drugs and the wrong dosages.
  • Switching from generic to brand Wellbutrin XL has been practically miraculous. I feel a lot better in several ways that are directly related to that.
  • I’m also enraged about the negligence of Teva and the FDA regarding the budeprion debacle. Suffice it to say that the next person who tells me that brand and generics are equivalent will get punched in the face. I hope there will be a class action suit.
  • I’m frustrated with wading through health insurance paperwork. I have to pay out of pocket until I can submit evidence that we’ve paid our part of the deductible. And they rejected the prior auth request for Wellbutrin XL, so now there’s a second round of paperwork on that. It never ends.
  • I discontinued hormonal birth control. It didn’t shrink the ovarian cysts and completely dysregulated my otherwise clockwork cycle. I’ll miss the reduced cramping and diminished acne, but it’s better than several random periods a month and constant spotting.
  • I’m reducing sertraline bit by bit and have my hopes up to wean off it entirely soon. Side effects are already reduced, but not entirely gone.

Other news…

  • I came out to one of my supervisors about being bipolar! More on that to come.
  • I’m working on writing a safety plan to improve accountability and clarity about what to do in an emergency situation when I can’t make decisions for myself.
  • I’m collecting up all my medical records I can get my hands on. Having a copy of my own records helps me understand things better and communicate with my providers more clearly.
  • I’m planning to follow through with the second cycle of DBT – it’s starting to pay off.
  • My head is spinning with recent revelations about issues with perfectionism and its underlying nasties. I guess there will be some work to do on that in therapy…
  • I nominated Canvas for the WEGO Health Activist Awards – I think in the category of Best Ensemble Cast – and someone else has also nominated Canvas for Best in Show: Twitter. Go Canvas go!
  • I got nominated for the WEGO Health Activist Award for Best in Show: Blog!!! I’m delighted just to be nominated, but Natasha Tracy is in the running, after all, so I figure I have a snowball’s chance. But apparently multiple nominations may be meaningful? In any case, they get too many nominations to review fully, so I’m not holding my breath. But it was really nice of whomever made that nomination. 🙂

I know I’m trying to do way more than I can handle at the moment. Some of that can’t be avoided, but I can’t continue to ignore the constant messages that I need to be far more aggressive about managing my illness and addressing related issues. It’s so overwhelming. I have no idea where to start – and I know progress will be painful and frustratingly slow.

It’s gonna be a tough 2013, folks, but I expect to come out of it on top.