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Being Freshly Pressed has been…interesting… I sincerely appreciate the loads of kind and supportive comments, and so many new followers! I look forward to making your acquaintance, such as is possible. I hope to keep y’all adequately entertained, but my wit waxes and wanes, so I make no guarantees.

Except to be honest.

To be honest, I hate censorship. But a tiny percentage of people leave comments that bother me. A lot. I am not fishing for consolation or sympathy; I don’t need that. I wish I could avoid ever writing this post, much less just after my audience doubled (!), but I do need to make plain why I take exception to some comments and therefore make exception to my general policy of supporting diverse opinions. It’s quite simple:


Like they say at the Lincoln Memorial, if you've nothing respectful to say, don't say anything at all.

Like they say at the Lincoln Memorial, if you’ve nothing respectful to say, don’t say anything at all.

It’s just plain insulting – and inappropriate – to make uninformed comments that criticize my mental health treatment strategies. It’s not anyone’s place to judge me for proactively addressing my own needs. I feel pretty well justified in saying that if you want to criticize my health care choices, read everything on this blog first, every last word, and then decide if you still have something to say.

The comments below are typical – all responses to the “coming out” post. They don’t really have anything to do with the post, just assumptions and biases. Sometimes the comments sound well-intended, but nonetheless include uninformed, backhanded insults draped in the guise of niceness.

There is no way most Americans will question a Western doctor and the other marketing by very powerful pharmaceutical companies … the go to method regarding most things for Americans instead it is to take a pill.

Interestingly, there is a high rate of anti-American sentiment among the most distressing comments. In fact, the really mean comments have come exclusively from people outside of North America.*

Why don’t you stop to swallow all these pills!?

Usually these comments have to do with medication, undoubtedly from people who have never had a chronic illness or experienced serious mental distress. They seem to think I can’t handle managing my own health and have been hoodwinked by Big Evil Pharma.

So let me be crystal clear about that: Discussing medications reflects only my own informed choices, and I do not endorse pharmaceuticals as a sole mode of treatment for serious mental illness. I’m a staunch supporter of self-advocacy and patient involvement in developing holistic treatment plans that include much more than just medication.

You don’t have “mental illness”. What you have is a standard range of feelings and nervousness about making a scene. Unfortunately you turned to the doc.

And then there are the cruel bullies who try to invalidate my entire life. They can’t possibly understand how much I wish I had no cause to write this blog. Only cowards make these kinds of attacks and their arguments are completely illogical, but they make me cry. They also make me angry – the volatile, explosive sort of angry that isn’t good for anyone.

These so-called “little things” can cause ridiculously out-of-whack emotional responses due to my illness, triggering anxiety and anger. My heart rate jumps and adrenaline practically explodes – it’s exactly as if I were physically threatened. My body is overclocked when it comes to that particular biological response; it has been since childhood, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I do, however, have the prerogative to stand up for myself and say that I won’t tolerate any of that silly business. Bullying is not OK under any circumstances. I always welcome questions, discussion, and informed, constructive criticism, but I reserve the right to censor toxic comments. Whether disguised as nice or blatantly mean, these comments are unhealthy for me. I have to put my own well-being first.

So, dear readers, while this is an atypical post, sometimes keeping it real means being all serious and self-righteous. I have the right to do that once in awhile. At least, that’s what my therapists keep saying. 🙂

*Fortunately, I know better than to attribute assholery to the entire population based on an unrepresentative minority sample.