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Although my emotional health has been a bit variable lately, things have been improving in terms of physical health.

I’ve been working on losing weight for what seems like forever, and only started making real progress in April when I finished my PhD. I’ve made quite a bit of progress, I’m proud to say. Much of that has been the result of better regulation of symptoms that led to overeating, but the most recent drug made me so nauseated I could barely eat for a week.

A new low - how apropos.

A new low – how apropos…

Net effect?

I lost about 5 pounds. The crotch on my favorite fleece lounge pants (once skin-tight) has dropped about 4 inches. The next-size-down bras fit perfectly, including a blessedly underwire-free sports bra, for the first time in years. I had to buy some new jeans.

And I finally crossed The Line.

I’m no longer obese! My BMI is below 30. I literally jumped for joy. It made my day week, boosted my mood, and almost made up for the nausea. Almost.