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Ever heard of the concept of email bankruptcy?

Well, I’m declaring blog bankruptcy. I can’t keep up and I’m not even going to try anymore.

With 225 notifications in my WordPress email folder, and 120 new ones in the last week (some of which are weekly digests), I’m just overwhelmed. Yeah, I know, for some of you that sounds utterly trivial, but I stress out when there are more than 10 messages in my email inbox. So I just deleted 210 notification messages.

For me, being unable to keep up on blog reading (or anything else, it would seem) is a source of substantial anxiety. This morning, while I couldn’t sleep due to sinus pain and anxiety, I cut my reader back to 33 blogs. I’m sorry if you’re one of the people I’ve “unfollowed.” I really wanted to read your posts – especially for a few dear folks – but let’s be honest here. I just can’t.

I’m really struggling with my priorities right now. Blogging is important to me, but so is having a career, and I’m having a lot of problems feeling confident in the latter lately. I know that any of my wise colleagues, if they knew about my blogging habit, would advise me to quit. If I want to be Professor Chickadee, I don’t have time for such trivialities. And I should go back to working weekends and evenings too, while I’m at it.

Regardless of “shoulds” and the expectations of my profession, I don’t plan to quit blogging. I need the outlet and there seems to be value for more than just me. At the same time, it would seem I can’t reciprocate by keeping up on others’ blogs, and I feel horrible about that. Like everything else.

Things will get better, or so I keep telling myself. In the meantime, please forgive my blogger negligence. It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s because I just can’t.