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Cosimo’s intense gaze always made me feel like he could see right through me.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by DeeDee, a woman in her mid-thirties from upstate New York who struggles with bipolar disorder and ADD. As is often the case with bipolar, her life has many ups and downs and can feel like a daily roller coaster. She enjoys photography, especially experimenting with different cameras and film.

About this photo: “The sheer confidence of the pose of Cosimo de Medici in this statue, located outside of the Duomo in Florence, Italy, reminds me of the bold confidence of mania. The defiant superiority, utter certainty, and power radiated by the figure speak to the manic mindset of grandiosity. The blurred corners and careening angle of the Duomo, visual distortions from using an old box camera, seem to threaten Cosimo’s stance and reflect the unreality of the exhilaration of euphoric mania.

By contrast, on darker days, the departure of all semblance of confidence makes me feel…

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