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I sat down to write a post and drew a blank. The last couple of weeks have been relatively peaceful, stable, uneventful, and more or less productive. Nothing exciting to relate, and nothing much to complain about in the here and now.

This is one of several bucolic vistas on my commute. The lens flare is somehow just right.

This is one of several bucolic vistas on my commute. The lens flare is somehow just right.

The longer days and spring weather are a tonic; I just plain feel better when the sun comes out a little more often, when I’m not waking up in the dark, and when it’s warm enough to spend time outdoors (but not so warm that I have to retreat back indoors).

I said things in therapy today that felt amazing. Like, “I can’t do it all.” And then we both smiled (really big genuine smiles) because it has taken so long for me to say that, and not just say it, but also believe and accept it. After commenting that I seemed almost perky, Hippie Dude remarked,

I wish I could bottle you like this for when you’re just dragging.

I know exactly what he means. He asked if I was fixating on waiting for the other shoe to drop, as I usually do. I said, “What other shoe? I’m ignoring it. It’s not going away, but I don’t have to pay attention to it right now.” He seemed mighty pleased.

My moods have been fairly stable for the last month (a whole month!) aside from some irritability. The hormonal horrors have been muffled or muted or entirely absent. My system still needs a couple months to “settle in” but if this improvement sticks around, I’m going to declare it a miracle. I’m actually letting myself get my hopes up.

The Yaz seems to be stabilizing the hormonal layer of my mood issues, so we’re further reducing lamotrigine to 100mg. Three months ago I would have laughed and then cried (all day) if you’d said that I’d be titrating off Lamictal this spring. It’s terrifying, in a really complicated way, to let go of a drug that has served me well. But the idea of being free of it – well, that’s quite a carrot.

It’ll probably take the rest of the year to perfect my morning cocktail, but it suddenly seems possible. I can’t begin to express what an enormous relief that is. Seriously. It’s sort of mind-boggling.

At least for today, I’m feeling optimistic about getting my brain cooties under control. Not every detail has been accounted for as yet, and basically only time will tell, but it seems increasingly likely that the bipolar Dx could be rescinded. Although, ironically, one can argue that PMDD is a bipolar spectrum disorder – the affective symptoms sure can match – even though the cause is clearly hormonal. The DSM doesn’t rule that out, last I checked.