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If you’ve been following along recently, you’ve probably noticed that my Crazy Lady diagnostic status is up in the air. Well, not exactly – everyone still thinks I’m crazy, but after more than two years, the docs still haven’t figured out what’s going on. Sad but true.

When I started this blog, my diagnoses were Bipolar Disorder II and Attention Deficit Disorder. Earlier diagnoses included Major Depressive Disorder (Recurrent), and Anxiety Disorder NOS (not otherwise specified). More recently, I was handed Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (aka Depressive Disorder NOS). Mood Disorder NOS shows up on my test orders, but Bipolar II is still on my therapy slips. NOS fits nicely, I think, since it basically means “something’s definitely screwy but we don’t know what.”

The lack of diagnostic certainty around the mood disorder used to bother me, but I basically don’t care anymore so long as I get what I need (as if). However, unlike the mood-related brain cooties,ย the ADD Dx has 100% agreement from every single clinician. Not once or twice, but five times, and verified by computer-based testing. So that diagnosis is sticking. I wish the rest were as clear.

The bottom line is that with so much uncertainty, I’m really not comfortable with my blog tagline anymore – “Bipolar bird tells all” hardly seems to capture the crazy properly and I’m a stickler for truth in advertising. Plus it was never really that good of a tagline.

Which leads me to announce my first-ever blog contest: help me craft a new tagline! Your very own clever/snarky/witty words could grace the header on my successful, well written, attractive (smartypants crazy) blog!

The Rules

  1. Submit as many taglines as you like via comments on this post.
  2. If you put more than one tagline in a comment, they must be numbered. Sequentially. With integers.
  3. Reader support for submissions will be taken into account, so reply with your +1 (or whatever) on taglines you like. Vote early and often!
  4. Taglines must be three to six (or so) words long, in English, with no line wrapping.
  5. Spelling and grammar matter. Incorrect use of apostrophes is unacceptable under any circumstances. Punctuation should be avoided unless necessary for cleverness or clarity.
  6. Submissions are open through Friday, July 25; finalists will be announced on Monday, July 29 (probably with a poll for voting).
  7. The winner/s will be announced on Friday, August 2.

Other details:

I think I'll take "Whistling Duck" as my next nom de plume.

I think I’ll take “Whistling Duck” as my next nom de plume.

  1. In the event of temporary insanity (ha!) decisions will be delayed until I’m able to make sound judgments and rational comments.
  2. The winning tagline author will be credited and linked on my “About” page, if so desired.
  3. If y’all are incredibly clever, there could be more than one winner.
  4. I have the right to censor anything I feel is inappropriate.
  5. I will make the winner a prize.
  6. I have the final word.
  7. Play nice, OK?

Let the games begin!