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We’re all winners! Continuing to try to do stuff when life bowls you over is winning, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Surely I’m winning, if not bi-winning, right?

OK, enough of that tripe. Contests are intended to single out a unique and somehow “better” contribution, and as much as I enjoyed the numerous creative suggestions for new taglines, I have to pick just one.

As I write this up, quick as possible due to unexpected circumstances, there’s a tie for first place. Even if other votes come in overnight, it’s time for me to render judgment. After spending so much effort trying to learn not to be judgmental, it’s actually a little uncomfortable to declare that any one tagline is best.

I want to say more, but it would really just be blathering, and the triple-dose of melatonin topped with Ativan icing is swiftly, mercifully kicking in. A decision must be rendered. Based on your comments, voting, and my preferences, the winner is…

Out of My Tree

Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic is therefore the winner of an awesome prize made by me! Because I’m a polymath and good at making many different kinds of things, Jen gets has to pick the nature of her prize.

I knit good. Jen can has some!

I knit good. Jen can has some!

Said prize can be digital or tangible. If it’s tangible, it could be: homemade jelly, salsa, or escabeche; needle felted, flat felted, or machine felted wool, which can come in a wide range of forms, from bird to bowl; a furoshiki in colors of her choice; or a small one-skein handknit item such as a hat, beret, scarf, headband, cowl, bag, purse, or softie.

Laura of Bipolar for Life gets the honor of first runner-up, for the brilliantly simple “Not Otherwise Specified” submission. I’m pleased to have another clever tagline ready to fly whenever I feel the need to freshen up the nest. That was pretty smart of me, right?

And now I must turn in so that I can escape the gravity of DC early tomorrow morning (more on that story next week, no doubt). Thanks for playing, my bloggy friends!