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This blog is clearly in limbo. I haven’t had anything much to say since July. I’ve barely been making a post every two weeks.

Who speaks? Who is silent?

Who speaks? Who is silent?

I know it doesn’t really matter, but it bugs me. It’s another loose end, another project started and then left hanging, another responsibility neglected, and yet more evidence of my innate flakiness. Less obviously, it bothers me that I haven’t anything to say and even when I do, I can’t seem to make time to say it.

I could be tempted to read these signs as reflecting badly on my character, but a more suitable interpretation is that blogging has lost some of its benefit for me. I’ve learned and grown a lot since starting this blog, and as I’ve gotten healthier, I no longer rely on blogging and the community for support like I once did.

Which is good, because as I’ve refocused on the rest of my life, my lack of attention to the blog shows. I don’t post or participate as much, and my writing evokes fewer likes or comments, particularly if I wander off-topic. I’m not fishing for interaction, just observing that others’ inactivity is in part a reflection of my own.

This is the natural way of things: everything new becomes old; we pass from one stage of life into another; our needs and priorities change over time; we focus on new challenges as we surmount the old ones. All of these things are true. My mental health is more stable and the next big challenges are the completely normal(ish) kind that everyone experiences: finding a new job, relocating, and re-establishing my life somewhere else. I’m not sure where blogging fits in with that, if it does at all.

So I’m considering closing the doors on this blog. I have one or two more posts in mind, but might as well save them for Canvas, because there’s no predicting when I’ll finally feel like writing them up. Pulling the plug sooner rather than later just seems a more graceful way to end things than slowly petering out or vanishing without explanation.

Well, in any case, to those friends who may still be reading – it can’t come as any surprise that the blog is in limbo. Maybe soon it will be time to put it to rest.