To Do

  1. Get a PhD. Graduated May 13, 2012!
  2. Get Freshly Pressed. Check it out: Dr. Chickadee’s Freshly Pressed Goodness!
  3. Go backpacking in Glacier National Park while there are still glaciers.
  4. Hike (at least 100 miles of) the Appalachian Trail.
  5. Get a paper published in Science or Nature. Early 2014.
  6. Roam the Scottish highlands.
  7. Earn tenure.
  8. Visit all of the Hawaiian islands.
  9. Publish a book.
  10. Celebrate a golden wedding anniversary.
  11. Get a Leica M-System camera.
  12. Make a T-shirt quilt.
  13. Give a TED talk.
  14. And about a million other things that might never happen but are fun to think about from time to time…

7 thoughts on “To Do”

  1. Please note: Strike the TODO point 2 from the list. Congratulations.

  2. Nice list and nice blog. God Bless you and your journey. My list starts with 1. – Obey the Lord my God…

    Then, it dovetails, quite a bit :-).

  3. serendipitous0sally said:

    Oooh! I’m so excited for your TED talk goal!

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